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Subject: Re: Help understanding Dirk Gently ending. I'm stumped! ( 7 of 8 )
Posted by Whack

I understood the ending to work out as follows:
The interruption by Dirk caused Coleridge to sober up so the ghost couldn't posses him anymore. "..When he was in control, I was not" He was also not able to tell his story through him and so moved on. The ghost found out about the time machine when he was possessing Coleridge. (One must assume that the discovery of the time machine occured at or after the time at which second part of the poem was written) Without that knowlegde the ghost would have no reason to haunt the university for hundreds of years or posses REG and bring back an electric monk etc.. Gordon wouldn't have been shot and the whole story could not have taken place. Reg was destroying the mothership at some point in time while he (Coleridge) was being interrupted. As for the time machine not working anymore...well I must assume that BT&T is much like Pac Bell and the Cirrus Cybernetics Corp. It is very likely that when someone actually shows up to repair something the satisfaction you get from having actually seen a representative from the company distracts your attention from the fact that, not only have they not fixed anything but indeed broken several things that were working properly when they arrived. Thereby ensuring susequent repair calls and increasing the profiablity of the service divsion. So getting BT&T to have "fixed the phone so it won't go wrong again" is probably the biggest mystery here.

Of course...I could be wrong....

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