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Subject: Re: Now that you mention it... ( 3 of 10 )
Posted by Douglas Adams

No, I've not read Candide. But it's not the only one. If you're familiar with any of the Medieval Mystery plays, and then Pilgrim's Progress, then Gulliver's Travels, then Decline and Fall, and Scoop, you'll see that it's just a very common theme in Eurpoean literature - the innocent abroad, the stranger in a strange land (there's another one).

One very weird coincidence which has been pointed out to me many times, is that slightly earlier than Pilgrim's Progress there was a book called (and see the echo oin the title) The Plain Man's Pathway to Heaven. The thing that's truly weird about it is the name of the author, which is Arthur Dent. Really. Again, a complete coincidence.

But people who don't know how coicidence works (and I'd recommend Richard Dawkins' books Climbing Mount Improbable and Unweaving the Rainbow if you don't know what I mean) think this is terribly significant, and find all sorts of parallels between them. A bit like the people who claim that Pink Floyd deliberately made Dark Side of the Moon synchronise with the Wizard of Oz. As if!
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