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Subject: Re: WHAT was that? ( 9 of 10 )
Posted by Jennifer

Technology is great, and it definitely does have it's uses. But I do think that sitting in front of a computer 24/7 is pretty sad. Before you know it, mankind will have evolved into blobs with fingers (the behavior of some people on the net would suggest that these blobs won't have a need for brains). I'm 19, and my youngest brother is 8...sometimes it amazes me how technology has so changed the way we live life. I barely knew what a computer was (my school had 2 of them) when I was that age, but my brother installs programs, plays games, and writes email without any help.

It really is interesting to see the internet evolve, especially since it all happens so quickly. But I really believe in the importance of noticing life beyond's important for people to know how to work hard, and how to communicate face-to-face with other actual humans. Seeing 'lol' on a screen will never be as satisfying as hearing a laugh, and looking at countless :-)'s will never be the same as seeing someone smile. Technology has yet to accomplish all that nature has already done.
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