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Subject: Re: is there a french version of HHGTTG? ( 6 of 8 )
Posted by nicolas botti

Hi everybody,

I'm a french fan of Douglas Adams and I jut wanted to add that the five books of HHGTG have been translated in french. They are available in a pocket version (in a collection called Présence du Futur). I must say that the french translations are not very good, it'far from being as good as the original ones, which may be the reason why it wasn't a huge success. The Dirk Gently's novels have been translated in french too, but you can't find them anymore in shops. It wasn't a big succes too. Regarding the french radio version, I can add some details because I made it. It is an adaptation of the twelve episodes of the BBC radio series in a brand new traduction. It has been made with fifteen actors, 300 special sounds effects,... The recording and the mix lasted four months. We didn't have a lot of money, but I'm proud of the result. It has just been broadcasted once in Brittany. I'm journalist, and I dont't have much free time, but I expect to broadcast it soon on several local radios in France. Local associative radios are the only ones which are interested in such a project.It's a pity. Sometimes I'm not very proud to be french.

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