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Subject: Re: Starship Titanic Computer game ( 11 of 11 )
Posted by anonymouse

To be honest, I agree with "me" to some degree. I do think it was not the best game from a game playing standpoint. The humour was very good, as was the voiceovers, and it was definitely a pretty sight, but the puzzles were particularly confusing and unintuitive. To bring up an example, the waiter that you poke in the butt with a stick (if I'm remembering it correctly) didn't really give you any indication that you were doing the correct thing. It takes many jabs with that stick to finally get him to give in, and if it wasn't for using a walkthru, I'd have never gotten through the game. There were a few puzzles that I figured out on my own, and those were certainly the better puzzles because they actually made sense in a way. I do agree that the parser could maybe have used some work, or at least something of a hint in several puzzles, but the parser was done much better than the earlier text adventures. I guess I've never been much of a fan of text adventures though, as they are often unintuitive in at least a puzzle or two. Random typing or a hint guide was the only way I got through several adventures in the early days. I guess I had the same problem with the original HHGG videogame, but someone walked me through it pretty early on.
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