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Subject: Re: Starship Titanic Computer game ( 9 of 11 )
Posted by me

if anyone thinks starship titanic was "the best game they've played", they genuinely need their head examined.

good idea, and kudos to DNA and the rest of TDV for giving it a go, but it was overly ambitious in its intentions and just didn't work out. it was slow and frustrating and the conversations with the bots were consistently nonsensical, only briefly lapsing into coherence when you fortuitously stumbled across a particular keyword. it took an infuriating amount of time to move around the ship, and a lot of the puzzles were stupid and random rather than genuinely satisfying.

i'm not being intentionally caustic, but it would be nice for somebody to acknowledge that the game didn't sell well because it just wasn't really very good at all, and there clearly wasn't much genuine gaming knowledge or talent poured into it. that's a shame, though; i really hope that TDV can pull their thumb out with h2g2-the-game and make something that's actually playable.
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