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Subject: Re: Looking for brilliant computer graphics artist ( 3 of 12 )
Posted by spoolay

I suppose you realized by putting out such a proposal you were attracting the attention of the #1 annoying guy who seems to have made his nick synonymous with that kid trying to push his art.

Look, the page sucks and I'm trying to experiment with things a whole lot better. I'm an unexperienced kid and I'd love the challenge. I guess the question is how serious the project is and how much of a risk you're willing to take on someone who doesn't have a big fat portfolio and a nice shiny degree. I don't live in California -- I live in Georgia, but if moving helps I'll do that. In fact, if California were a geometric point and any direction which eventually leads to California were to be called "Towards California", then I would actually sit 5 meters to the left of my computer while writing this in hopes that my "Californitude" should increase all the more.

So, I may not have the credentials, but I have the will; and since you've decided to post this to your public message board as opposed to making a few phone calls I'm assuming (safely?) that you're welcoming this sort of attention and, therefore, not quite sure what to expect.

So, whaddya say? Mail me if your standards are low ;)
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