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Subject: Re: Looking for brilliant computer graphics artist ( 6 of 12 )
Posted by Shaun Webb

Mr Adams, I'm not sure of your background in ancient computer history, but have you ever heard of the demo scene? Theseadays its becomming a bit obscure, but back in the 80s it started as a group of hackers and piraters who would create dazzling sequences of animation, 3D, sound, graphics and the like as a signiture file to take credit for whatever bit of software was infringed.

soon afterwards the demo scene grew to be seperate from the illegal stigma of the pirating days... it was always about showing off, pushing hardware to its limits, making you say 'wow' and stunning its viewers. from what I understand, the scene has been declining since the advent of windows 95 (these coders needed every ounce of juice in the system which required direct access to DOS and the hardware, which windows doesn't provide). There has been a shift to the windows platform in recent times...

To get an idea of what I'm talking about.. download stash (one of the first demos to migrate to windows)

theres a huge archive of (mostly DOS) demos at

Anyway, it is generally known that the best demo artists are scandanavian (attributed to 6 months of being snowed in.. its all they do in winter, code demos :))
In California, IMHO (and many will agree, many won't), the best coder is Snowman from Hornet. His real name is Christopher G. Mann and from what I last know, hes the webmaster at Walnut Creek CDROM (, and the hornet archive (which appears to be closed I believe is in Walnut Creek, CA

I'll try track down more info

Shaun Webb
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