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Subject: Re: Santa Fe, NM ( 4 of 7 )
Posted by Robert C

Crazy One,

Thanks for pointing me in the direction of that article. I enjoyed it. They haven't been startlingly successful in their endeavours, but at least they are trying. I'm worried should they succeed though - the similarities with the small cafe in Rickmonsworth are worrying.

Mr Adams

I note the article was written some years ago, so I hope you've moved on from that rather sordid casual relationship with the two females, and settled into something a little more permanent.

To Mr Adams, or anyone else who knows.

You mention the "Ill-fated" movie of the Guide. I've been scouring the site for news of the movie, and couldn't find any. Can anyone point me to any articles on why it was "Ill-fated". I was really looking forward to it. What happened?
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