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Subject: Re: Santa Fe, NM ( 5 of 7 )
Posted by JD

Whoa. Not only another Jon, but another Jon who lives in Santa Fe, NM. I was here first, dammit! ;-)

I've always enjoyed NM since moving here in '84, but never really appreciated the beauty of the northern part of the state until '95 when I moved to Santa Fe. Glad you like it too, Mr. Adams. It's encouraging to know that people from out of state (and out of the USA) appreciate this area. It's very beautiful, and that was a great little article you wrote about the dogs (and the "Gusty Winds (may exist)" signs by the San Felipe Casino - there are more of these down south near Elephant Butte, where they are even more comical given the winds. But Northern New Mexico is truly an enchanting place - especially when it's all snow-covered like it is now. And when it rains. I suppose that's because it doesn't do either with the annoying frequency it does in other places I could mention, but also not as rarely as further south. The only thing I don't particularly care for around Santa Fe is ... well, why spoil a nice thread? "I can't complain, but sometimes I still do..."

- Jon Nelson
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