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Subject: Re: Political/philosophical standpoints ( 2 of 11 )
Posted by Chevy Lumina/Kia Sephia

I don't know, but I seriously LIKE that line about the gun-owners! ;)

As for Mr. Adams, (I don't call him DNA, I don't know why...I just....DON'T. On the Babylon 5 boards, I was also known for referring to the creator of the show as "Mr. Straczynski" even though it's way harder to spell, intead of the popular shorthand, "JMS"'s just a habit of mine...) I wouldn't know. I do seem to remember him saying something about how Ralph Nader was accomplishing nothing except for taking some of the normal Democrat votes AWAY from Al Gore and was basically just running for his own ego...but, I might be wrong. Maybe that was someone ELSE who said that, on this board. So I think I should just shut up before I put my foot any farther into my mouth. :P

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