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Subject: Oops. ( 7 of 11 )
Posted by Chevy Lumina

Well, as I also said, I wasn't terribly SURE who, if anyone, had said that on this board. I do know that I heard SOMEone say that (actually....LOTS of people...) about Ralph Nader's ego, at around that time. As I stated, I wasn't exactly sure who had said what. I didn't follow the whole conversation and read every single post, either, so it's not like it was real strong in my memory. Anyway...sorry. I didn't know WHO said that. It was the OTHER stuff, the things from the older posts that the other guy (sorry, don't have his name in front of me) reposted in this thread...THAT was what I _remembered_ you saying. For real.

I think the "running for his ego" thing was said by someone else, somebody I know in "real life", at around the same time as the discussion on this board, hence the confusion. :P Sorry.

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