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Subject: Re: is two hours going to be enough? is TV an option? ( 3 of 6 )
Posted by Douglas Adams

Obviously, everybody takes this business one step at a time. However, it is certainly in the minds of the everybody involved that if we can get this movie right, there is a whole series waiting to be made. So this movie roughly equates (and I do mean roughly) to just the first book.

I hope this happens. Apart from the obvious reasons, I think that it is possible for a series to get more and more interesting as it develops. A first movie has a great deal of work to do in setting up the characters and situations and getting them to work. If it works, then a second and third movie has a great deal to build on, to depart from and to play with. GOLDFINGER was an order of magnitude better than DR NO, but couldn't have existed without it. However, (in my opinion) RETURN OF THE JEDI wasn't nearly as good as STAR WARS, so you never know. Certainly, there are scenes I've been brooding about for years that I thought of too late and which I'd love to put into H2G2:2. I haven't turned my mind to H2G2:3 yet. But let's not get ahead of ourselves. H2G2:1 is the big task in hand. Turning it into a movie is the single most interesting and challenging piece of writing work I've ever had to do. Watch this space.

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