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Subject: Re: is two hours going to be enough? is TV an option? ( 5 of 6 )
Posted by Kate Schechter

Here goes my techie mind.

I'm wondering, the budget is about $100M, yes? Which makes "How good will the effects be?" seem like a stupid question (until you remember that it took twice that just to sink a boat, albeit taking three hours to get to it).

So maybe I should ask, how far do you hope for the effects to go? What's the picture in your mind as you write? I, for one, am hoping for a lot of fun with "constructing" Zaphod (my favourite character), and with the Infinite Improbability scene. Crashing through a wall of sound ... I would simultaneously love and hate doing the storyboarding.

I think Dirk Gently could do great on "Mystery" on PBS. Enough Cadfael, already. ^_~ If they can put "Jeeves & Wooster" on Masterpiece Theatre, well ... come on! At any rate, Dirk ought to make it to the big/small screen someday. Too fun not to.

Best fishes,
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