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Subject: C'est amore-ooh-la-la and the un-washed public ( 6 of 11 )
Posted by Amanda

"It was Tunnel of Love. In fact the album is Making Movies."

Ok...(scribbling furiously)...Got it! Now, off to I'll mark this one up to "music to listen to in case of emergencies".

You know, "So Long..." wasn't really my favourite in the series, but by GOD that had to be the most sexy scene I've ever read in a book-or perhaps I'm the one who needs to get out more often. !:?

"Is it destined to become the lurve thing aphrodisiac for DNA fandom that Bolero was to the greater unwashed movie going public a few years ago?"

By the by, Bruce - is that an assumption that we are, in fact, cleaner and more hygenic than we were in the 70's? In many cases, I'm afraid, you might be sorely dissapointed.

Amanda ;P

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