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Subject: Re: the un-washed public ( 10 of 11 )
Posted by Jon Nelson


I dunno about you, but my first exposure to Dire Straights love songs definitely inspired some amorous thoughts. That was Knopfler's intention when he wrote them, I think. DNA's reference I always thought was completely serious (it was funny that he stepped out of the window at the good bit, something I think only aspiring Darwin Award nominees ought to try). Anyway, at least it wasn't comical like the Bolero reference was, or an even better example is like the crazed menage et trois set to the "good bit" of the William Tell Overture in _A Clockwork Orange_.

In So Long..., DNA's humor was a little deeper than that - set the scene, very sexy, sultry and warm, but with an underlying tension we (and Arthur) can't quite figure out (other than the usual "I haven't been laid in 10+ years" sexual tension Arthur is feeling). It turns out to be a fantastic mutual "I'll show you my weird birthmark if you show me yours" kind of bonding, with Fenchurch revealing her strange and terrifying misfit on this Earth followed by our hero and protagonist, Arthur Dent, stepping out of her second storey window and missing the ground.

So I think the music merely contributes to the atmosphere of tension by adding that extra sexual tension - I mean, have you HEARD Dire Straights? Heheh. When it comes to "setting the mood" Barry White may be a legend, but aside from Eric Clapton's "Wonderful Tonight" I haven't heard anything that might not as well be played on a kazoo when compared to Dire Straights. Copycatting the book? You're damn right I will! But not because it was in the book, but 'cos it's true and I like it.

Jon Nelson
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