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Subject: Re: More silly questions ( 4 of 4 )
Posted by Chris

I saw Douglas Adams speak in one of the University of London's lecture theatres a few years ago. I can't remember exactly what it was about, but there were various physics and extra-terrestrial life theorists talking too (as I recall).

As always, there was one man who stood up at the end to 'correct' one of the speakers, and he naturally had a large box-file of papers and overhead transparencies which would undoubtably have proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that (a) he, personally, had proof of extra-terrestrial intelligence (or whatever it was that made him shake so much with the excitement his beliefs generated within him), and that (b) he was a nut-bar.

I don't think I've ever seen an audience closer to lyniching a fellow member out of sheer embarrassment!

If you've seen the excellent 'Truman Show', you'll appreciate how exciting it must be to thoroughly believe that 'you're onto something' that no-one else can see. Whether you really are, as in Truman's case, or whether you're suffering paranoid delusions, it must still feel absolutely thrilling. Perhaps this chap did have proof, but lacked the ability to present his work in an appropriate forum. I expect we might have heard about it by now, though...
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