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Subject: Re: Carl Hiaasen ( 3 of 5 )
Posted by a perfectly safe penguin

I did, unfortunately, see Strip Tease. It was as bad or worse than what ever you heard. It was a real shame. The Novel on which it was based bares little resemblance to the movie. The movie was basically a vehicle for Demi Moore. I think that's what really ruined the film. Also, the whole issue of 'Big Sugar' was left out of it. That was a real shame because the public doesn't hear nearly enough about 'Big Sugars' relationship with are goverment. Awhile back there was a voter referendum on a bill that would add a penny a pound tax to sugar to help pay for clean-up and restoration in the Everglades. It was soundly defeated thanks to a massive add campaign in which the sugar barons portrayed themselves as a bunch of helpless mom and pop farmers. Those jerks have probably never touched dirt in their lives. I'm sorry if I'm sounding hostile, but it really made me mad. If onle more people new what was really going on, I think they'd be willing to do more about it.
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