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Subject: Re: American v. British internet service providers? ( 4 of 9 )
Posted by CrazyOne

Don't forget the possibility of access via a cable modem. I don't know if the service is up and running in your area, check with your cable tv company. This is also very fast, and cost effective (typically $40/month flat rate). Too bad about the ADSL.

Frame relay doesn't sound like the right sort of thing to me. (Granted, I'm not a wide area networking expert.) My impression of frame relay (we looked into it a bit at work) was that it was a cheap (relative) way to get a dedicated connection, but it never seemed to be about high bandwidth. 56k was a normal speed of frame relay. We still have an ISDN at work, for now. I think ADSL is or soon will be available to us.

One of our other locations has a service called "burst T-1". This is a full T-1 (1.5Mbps always-on connection) where the ISP only bills us for a fraction. As long as we average out under this fractional bandwidth over a period of a month or months, the cost is at that level. When it's in use, though, it operates at full speed. This still costs a few hundred dollars a month, though. Plus we had to buy a $1000 router, I think.

All in all there are very few cost effecive high-speed services beyond cable modems and ADSL. Good luck, I hope it works out.
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