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Subject: Re: American v. British internet service providers? ( 6 of 9 )
Posted by Dr.smooth

Since my business is the Internet I should get my word in, not that my word means much. I personally use a cable modem that is networked so that 5 other computers can run off of it. It slows down to about a 56K speed when they are all on at one time. Any ways, DSL is an up and coming new thing that promises great speeds over your phone line. It might be worth looking into if you don't want to get all the fancy cable modem stuff. I think, now a days, 56k modems are out dated. Most of the best web pages out there on the net are graphic heavy and take a long time to download with a 56k modem, but with a cable mode it's up there in a few seconds. OK, that's about all I have to say on the subject. Good bye and have a nice day, or night, or afternoon, or twilight, or whatever it is when you read this.

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