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Subject: Re: Is there coffee after death? ( 6 of 11 )
Posted by Silver Surfer 67

Ah true grasshopper!

I still do not know which type of coffee this particular quote refered to. Lived (pronounced li-ved to his friends has still to pay his 'quarter-eternity' electricity bill which is the real reson for the cold coffee syndrome.

As a side order to this babble, I have my own special blend based on Guatemalan Elephant (I cannot remember if there are actually elephants in Guatemala - but it really is of small concern), with a touch of Old Brown Java. The real secret is not to over roast the damn thing. French roast is all wrong here. And slipping merrily into 'wacko side drive', the coissants are a bit on the stale side too. I will have to have a word with Lived.

Still; better the Devil you know.
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