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Subject: Re: Offended Lawsuit against S.Surfer's Afterlife coffehouse ( 8 of 11 )
Posted by Silver Surfer 67

Yes I know all about the dead fly! It was one of our range of parmessan flavoured bluebottles which cost an absolute fortune to import.

Now that I know who had the 'coffee with' I shall forward the bill (or andy or zlog) accordingly. If you don't pay (50ml of blood compared to the normal 10ml for a without) then Levid will be in a poor mood and well ....... To hell with the consequences comes to mind.

As an afterthought is the barrister you refer to from Soddom, Crudface and Fartbelly? if so we have something in common.

If you make yourself known next time you visit you will recieve personal service, of that I can assure you.

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