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Subject: Re: A note to all you Pomes, that includes you, Mr. Adams. ( 4 of 11 )
Posted by Silver Surfer 67

Don't give a Dingos' - mate. Certainly most of the English that I know couldn't give a wombats left arse cheek!. Still it takes all sorts. If we can get rid of you lot at the same time as we are getting rid of the Scots, Welsh and Irsish (hopefully) - (can we also do a deal on New Zealand I wonder?) then we can sink into total oblivion.

As to having a President! my god you really are pushing your luck. Still you make good wine.

Seriously Australia should be 'on its own' - I know it is now but really, you should be forging your true identity without references back to the former 'motherland'. I can tell you this we are just as fed up with this arrangement as you are.

Not what you hoped to hear? but if its insults you want to trade then fire away.
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