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Subject: Re: Confused by the Confusing Country ( 12 of 26 )
Posted by The Pretender

Take any word, and look at it , look at it long enough , and you will suddenly feel you are looking at it the first time , it will look strange, read it , it will make a strange sound in your head , now say it aloud and it sounds strange. (actually if you know more than one language you suddenly realize you have just invented another of those multi-lingual langauge puns , which i can assure you are the worst that there are .. but puns are .. I must not digress)
Why only words, look at anyone closely and for long (make that a same sex person if you are heterosexual , and the opposite sex if you are homosexual !) and that person will look strange. Then things start looking strange ..
This strangeness is sometimes nauseous,which brings us to the use of the word nauseous or its misuse which was being discussed in some thread somewhere ..

reference: Nausea : Jean Paul [Sartre]
Nausous : Peal John
Nauseated : I.Will Puke

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