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Subject: Re: Confused by the Confusing Country ( 5 of 26 )
Posted by Jennifer

It's funny that this was mentioned... I created a website full of quotations from the Hitchhiker books, and I guess, because of this, someone thought I knew a thing or two about Mr. Adams' writing. To make a long story short, I recieved an email a few months ago from a member of the Australian government, asking whether Douglas Adams had in fact written "The Confusing Country". The individual included a few lines from the article, and then went on to ask me if it was permissible for them to use the article in a newsletter.

I found the whole incident rather amusing, as I'm only a student, and my site is just a fanpage, and I have no association with Mr. Adams whatsoever. I ended up directing the individual to this site, so she could find out for certain whether it was written by Mr. Adams or not.

It is a good article...

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