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Subject: To Ahren and Emu and all ( 16 of 19 )
Posted by Jen

Hello again to all my friends. Ahren and Emu, sorry to let you two know that I am a high school student who still has not finished the book. This is a term paper in which an analysis and certain detailed descriptions must be entailed. I have no idea what my hook shall be, but I am definitely open for any suggestions whatsoever. My thesis ceases to be written and in certain cases the outlines are due promptly. I hate to sound like a mug, but I do hate to plead on the Intrenet. Anyways, I do hope to receive some sort of contact from you people; I mean, if there is anyhing you can help me with, especialy literary criticisms of The Guide, I would be be incessantly appreciative. Your feedback is welcome at my e-mail. Thank you.
--Jen In Jersey--
P.S. Hey. I'm no wanker, alright? I plan on going to one of the most illustrious colleges in my state, Rutgers University, in which I have decided to apply to the school of Drama there, Mason Gross.
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