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Subject: Re: To Jen, about your paper ( 19 of 19 )
Posted by Ahren

You don't have to apologize for being in high school. It is the law in our country that we be subjected to this kind of punishment, er... public education for twelve years.

Most of the late-high-school and early-college courses try to teach analytical skills. It doesn't matter what class you take, be it philosophy, English, or history. They want to make sure you are able to think for yourself before you enter the workforce. So, an English assignment to "analyze something and give examples" is pretty much par for the course.

Why not choose the old standard, "Compare and Contrast?" Teachers love that crap. Pick a character, like Arthur, and describe how he's always wondering what is going on, like a child. Then pick Ford--Arthur's friend and saviour--and show how Ford sort of parents Arthur, and tells him about how things are in the real world.

Or, you can analyze Douglas Adams' unique writing style. Show how the humorous bits seem to have a similar delivery, or the same "tone" characteristics. For example, some of the funny parts seem to be extremely flip. If you adopted that same writing style in, say, a Job Performance Evaluation, you would get roasted over hot coals. Or, describe how many of the funny parts seem to be run-on-sentence conversations with the reader and oh isn't that interesting in a British sort of way unless of course you don't find it funny at all, in which case you should please just ignore me because I am after all, just a silly twit from California who says "dude" a lot and thinks digital watches are still a pretty neat idea. (Apologies to DNA for such a poor imitation.)
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