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Subject: A writer writes... ( 5 of 12 )
Posted by MJ Simpson

I don't know Jim Yoakum and haven't seen the OOTT script, BUT...

It's all too easy for people to forget that written material does NOT fall into the public domain the moment it's read. It's owned by the writer and/or publisher.

For example, I've found several HHGG sites which included my original DNA bibliography that was published in an issue of Mostly Harmless, the ZZ9 club mag, several years ago. None of them asked permission, and some of them didn't even have the courtesy to credit me or the mag. Where I've found it, I've asked for it to be removed.

If you want to post somebody else's written material on the web, whether it's a script, an article, fiction or whatever, you should take the trouble to contact the author (do a websearch or go via the material's original publisher) and ASK PERMISSION. As often as not you'll get it. I personally have no problem with my work being posted on the web if people ask permission and credit me, but to assume that you can do what you like with somebody else's work is just plain rude.

Some of us make a (semi-)living from this stuff, you know.

Which is not to excuse any perceived unprofessional behaviour on the part of Mr Y who, as I say, I don't know. But I can certainly sympathise with him.

MJ Simpson
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