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Subject: Re: Out of the Trees...? ( 7 of 12 )
Posted by Jim Yoakum

Now wait just a second.... I made it clear to those at the SOTCAA site, and I will here as well, that I did not write those postings. I sent an email to the website requesting they remove the script - which they did - and which obviously pissed off someone enough to tack my name on their dementia.

Secondly, Douglas, I must say that I'm very disappointed that instead of helping me defend scripts such as "Trees" from Internet piracy, you instead take a swipe at me. As was the case 18 months ago, when the "Ringo" script was due for publication you made a point of knocking the script - and knocking me - without (I felt) just cause. That script (you said) was "juvenile" and "awful." Well, the majority of readers loved it, as I knew they would. You may still hold the opinion that that script is beneath you, but (since we're talking plainly here) may I ask why you did not feel that asking for an advance on it was not beneath you? No matter that David Sherlock (who co-authored "Jake's Journey") did not get an advance, and no matter that Graham more than likely had all ready paid you for your work at the time (as records show he did for "Trees" and "Liar's") - you wanted some cash and I saw to it you got it. Fine. Whatever. Graham's dead and you aren't.

And now you dis "Trees" and dis me, when all I am trying to do as Literary Executor of the estate is defend the rights of Graham, and David - and YOU. It would be nice if people (such as yourself) who wrote things with Graham helped me by taking an interest in defending these scripts at an earlier stage - when they are falling victim to Internet piracy - and not just take interest at the stage when they can add a paltry few coins in your coffers. My opinion, anyway.
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