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Subject: Re: A writer writes... ( 8 of 12 )
Posted by Jim Yoakum

My feelings exactly. The COTCAA site did not ask permission of anyone, they merely posted the script - the ENTIRE script. To their credit, when I requested they remove it, they did. Chances are, I would have been okay with the script (or more likely a partial script) being posted if someone had bothered to ask.

What surprises me most (and which is a point I bring up in another post here) is Douglas. It's not simply Douglas' disinterest in the Corpses site posting the script that is a shock, but his sarky attitude toward me for doing the right thing by requesting they take the script down. (Oddly, Mr Adams was not so indifferent about the "Ringo Starr" show script when it was due for publication in the book OJRIL last year.....)

If you do not defend your rights, or the rights of others, then you stand to lose them. If that makes me a bad guy, then I guess I'm a bad guy.
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