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Subject: Mr Adams, Does The Millenium Bug You? ( 1 of 11 )
Posted by Andrew


I just thought I'd mention that my pet hate is the fact that 90% of people out there (including just about everyone in the media) seem to think that the new Millenium begins on on the first of January, 2000. I mention it because I wonder if this annoys you too? It's getting so bad that I can hardly watch the news on TV as there's always some erroneous reference to the new Milennium. Actually, it's not even a pet hate anymore. It used to be, but now it's just driving me insane! Perhaps it would be poetic justice if the mis-named "Millenium Bug" did result in nuclear armageddon on the first of January, 2000 because no-one would then live to see the real new Millenium one year later! Now, that would be a Millenium bug......

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