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Subject: Re: Ah, but the beauty of it is... ( 11 of 11 )
Posted by Andara Bledin

Um... The actual start of the millenium is as arbitrary as the choice of any Answer.

The year itself is of no import whatsoever. It's the importance assigned by the people living at the time.

I can understand how you feel it's just not proper to celebrate until 2001, but I must ask this. When (if at all) do you celebrate Christmas? Most accounts I have come accross agree that he was a Libra. (going by that possibility, it's likely that his actual date of birth was skipped in 1582 everywhere except England. we don't know who didn't have birthdays there in 1752, though) I'm a Libra! [grin]

As for our celebration, neither the Chinese nor the Mayan calendars agree with ours. It's all arbitrary, when you come right down to it, and I'd rather party with everyone else than try to beat them about the head about what is 'proper'.

It's more fun my way, I believe.


Andara Bledin
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