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Subject: Re: Mr Adams, Does The Millenium Bug You? ( 2 of 11 )
Posted by Hawley Smoot

A pet dislike (I hesitate to use the term hate, as it's a bit harsh when describing people's inclinations in determining what year it is) of MINE, is people who are extremely uptight about the year 2001 as the begining of the millenium.
First of all the historic argument. Our system of years is totally arbitrary. Apparently based on the birth of Christ,it isn't even accurate in that respect. To analyze and whine about it is childish. Let us have our fun with the big round number.
Secondly, the mathematical argument. Years are arrays. We got the 000-999, the 1000-1999, and are going to begin the 2000-2999. So you say year 0 doesn't exist? Big deal. So we're missing a year int he first group. The one we're in now still makes sense. Let us have our fun with the big round number.
Third, the social argument. Noboy wants to celebrate the coming of year 01. There's no big, dramatic change as the nines all roll over to zeros and the little one finally becomes a 2. What happens in 2001? One digit changes. Whoopee. Let us have our fun with the big round number.
A millenium is defined as a period of 1000 years. If you want to be pedantic, the millenium everybody is talking about is 1000-1999. Who decided we were talking about 1001-2000? I've got nothing against historians in general. I'm a fan of 2001: A Space Odyssey. But it's all arbitrary anyway, so let the masses have some fun without getting all whiny.
Hell, I think I'll celebrate the changing of a millenium right now. The period of 1000 years since some other poor sap wasted his time trying to defend 999 AD as the last year of the millenium.

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