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Subject: (Non) return of the Mac ( 1 of 11 )
Posted by Nick

Dear Mr. Adams and everyone

Please help, they've taken away my Mac at work and replaced it with something that calls itself a 'PC'. I've been playing with it all morning and I just don't get it, for instance - any new file I create seems to develop a suffix like '.doc', '.exe' or '.???'. Why? I just don't get it.

OK, OK, I've used PCs before and they're not too bad - but I love Macs. My question is this ... why aren't Macs more popular? I've heard arguments about 'not licensing the technology' and 'because Microsoft wrote software for PCs', but, in my experience, Macs tend to be faster, more user-friendly and more useful. Why, just the other night I saw Jeff Goldblum defeat a horde of particularly nasty aliens with nothing more than a dry wit, his Powerbook and a nuclear missle.

So please, help me out. Is it just that as a species we tend to take the more difficult option when it comes to personal computers? Or is it something darker and more sinister (I hope so)?


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