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Subject: Re: (Non) return of the Mac ( 7 of 11 )
Posted by Nick (as well)

I myself am a life long user of the Apple, and a evangelist for them too. I'm in a dorm filled with people who, on the whole, use windows based computers. While most of them agreed when the have seen and used my compter thaought it to be easy, and when we exchange program they are dumbfounded at how easy it is for me to install and download products. They even agree that Macs may be better, but as Mr. Adams said that the price on these little wonders is quite high compared to a cheap $500 eMachine or and inexpensive Gateway. Maybe you could convince (highly unprobable and awfully nieve of me) the powers that be where you work to bring out your old Mac and then invest $179 in VirtualPC by Connectix, which would run all the PC functions, even Network with other PC's, and you would till have your macintosh

Sincerely, Nick
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