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Subject: Re: All that jazz ( 2 of 10 )
Posted by JDM

The 'net runs hot and cold. I think the average user goes through several stages in usage of the net. I haven't put enough thought into this theory yet to be to clear, but anyway…

When a person first starts using the net they tend to wander around, via the search engines, looking up sites mildly related to what they like. Humor sites, people's deticated home pages, and other schlock like that. After that they discover that other people exist on the net! Now there are several paths. They might become a chatroom junkie, and spend most of their time is the seedier sections of cyberspace. Another possibility is the addicted-to-eMail character, whit pen pals everywhere from NY, NY to Lithuania. Then there are the Message Board junkies. Thoes who go in search of intellegent conversation on a topic which interests them. This is the path with the more progressive future. People are advertising net ventures on BBSs all the time, chances are the MBJ will choose one and devote their time to it.

Uh, I don't know why I posted that, but I did…
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