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Subject: Re: All that jazz ( 10 of 10 )
Posted by Frank James Chapman

Rather expensive and elaborate toy... just so you can post messages to the same area of computer memory as a famous person.

I use the internet to correspond with other homeschoolers (you know, form support structures etc. etc.), waste time posting messages to forums and browsing in a kind of trance state not much less passive than tv watching.

The internet has come to be a reflection of real life. 2% of it is scientists (their newsgroups etc. are moderated; not any monkey can jump in)and productive use. The rest is porn, exploitation, hyperconsumerism, addiction, hate, indifference, trivial nonsense... just like real life today. It hasn't heralded change or ushered a bold new future. When change happens the internet will just happen to be around.
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