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Subject: Re: How to Stop Worrying and Learn to Love the Internet ( 5 of 10 )
Posted by beeline

I'm tempted to disagree about rich/poor alike being able to access the Internet.

The very poorest people, disenfranchised from the society that might allow them to set up a telephone account (or even have an address at which to have it), will never be able to get onto the Internet. Until governments, and the people they administrate over, can find a reliable way to reintegrate the structure of society so that we are all 'can-haves', there will be no possibility (or even need) for the poor to enjoy the luxury that is the Internet. Hunger always takes precedence over gregariousness or curiosity.

However, this will always be a feature of the way that the poor exist - they can't take part in the activities of those around them that have been more fortunate in their lives. So this is not just about the Internet - it's about society as a whole.

I guess if the Internet takes a wireless direction (which it very likely will), and it becomes free, then (and only then) will anyone who can get a computer be able to get online. Perhaps this is the assumtion.
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