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Subject: H2G2 dramatization on cassette ( 1 of 16 )
Posted by Mike S.

(Disclaimer: I've already checked the FAQ's on this, and can't find any specific reference, but maybe I didn't look hard enough.)

I was recently given the aforementioned cassette by a friend, who purchased this back in the early 1980's. The cover illustration is similar in nature to this picture:

The following additional text appears above the title, in smaller type: "BASED ON THE ORIGINAL BBS RADIO PRODUCTION". There is also the following text inside a red starburst in the upper right corner: "AT LAST, THE FULLY DRAMATIZED AUDIO VERSION OF THE ULTIMATE GUIDE..."

This tape appears to have been published by Simon & Schuster Audioworks, and has ISBN 0-671-62964-6. There's a "(C)(P) 1979 Douglas Adams. All rights reserved." on the outside of the case, but the actual cassette (there is only one) has a different copyright, namely "(C)(P) 1982 Hannibal Records, Inc. All rights reserved." Now, I've never heard the original BBC Radio version, nor am I able to purchase the CD's :-( so I have no idea if this is simply an abridged version of the radio series, or something which was re-recorded with new actors. It's definitely dramatized, with different readers for the various parts, sound effects, background music and the like. There aren't any credits included re: the actors or other particulars. I've tried searching for the ISBN number in several different databases, with no luck.

Anyway, I was basically wondering whether anyone else out there has ever seen/heard this item before.

Oh, and a side note: when I was given this tape, it was accompanied by an original 5.25" 320K IBM PC formatted diskette containing the InfoCom H2G2 game! Which I subsequently installed on my Pentium II 450 running Windows 98, and it runs just fine! What a find!

- Mike

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