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Subject: Re: H2G2 dramatization on cassette ( 13 of 16 )
Posted by Tom Charlton aka Goochpapa

Hi there Mike.

I belive that you are looking for audio cassettes of the Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy. These are availible from the BBC by mail order (and providing you live in the UK also at your nearest shop). They are also availible in CD audio format. To the very best of my knoledge only the first two phases have been made into radio plays. Sadly the swines have not yet made any more - which they damn well should!! Well lucky you for getting your mits on the game. You wouldn't happen to know if I can download it anywhere from the WEB do you?

I have now been searching for the best part of 9 hours for the radio scripts for the primary (and preferably the Secondary) phases of the hitch hikers guide to the galaxy radio play. If you know where the hell the things can be found on the web, or if you have a copy in digital format could you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE email me?!?!?!

Thanks a lot,
The guy who really knows where his towel is
(i.e. in the bath room!)

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