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Subject: Re: H2G2 dramatization on cassette ( 8 of 16 )
Posted by CrazyOne

Hehe, Sophie's going to be so happy you said that, I'm sure. ;-)

Anyway, getting the BBC recordings is quite straightforward provided you live in the UK; you simply mail order them from the BBC. Due to weird circumstances probably surrounding who has what publishing rights in what country they can't ship them to the US. I'm not sure, but they may be able to ship to EU countries, or it may be only within the UK.

In the US, the radio series is out of print, and the BBC won't ship or sell them at all here, and whoever does own the rights in the US isn't selling them either. The way to get around this is to order from a place like, a European-based online shop that will ship anywhere. I've not ordered from Amazon UK, but I have ordered from WHSmith Online, which is, and their service is okay. The shipping costs are a bit out there, but you can indeed get them. Right now it appears the CD editions are out of stock, but the cassette editions are available. You buy them now as two sets: the Primary Phase and the Secondary Phase, each having 6 episodes.

There, how's that? No need to bother Sophie. ;-)

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