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Subject: how return the favor of being annoying ( 17 of 31 )
Posted by pythons,the talking serpent

Here are a few tips to amuse yourself when fending off JWs
and other salvation salespeople:

- When asked if you have found Jesus, tell then that you didn't know he was lost.

- Or let them know Jesus has been hiding behind the couch all morning and he hasn't come out yet.

- Remind them that Jesus' last words were actually," I can see my house from up here."

- If you are asked who's birthday you celebrate December 25th, gently remind them it's Jimmy Buffet's, then start singing "Margaritaville".

- Put your pentagram on before answering the door.

- When asked if you know about God, reply " what do you want to know?"

- Ask them if they know any virgins you can use for the sacrifice tomorrow evening.

Any other suggestions?

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