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Subject: Re: Jehovah's Witnesses Mr. Adams? ( 18 of 31 )
Posted by Fingersoup

Have them try and cut their own numbers down? I'm afraid that won't work. I think they get into heaven by recruiting more people, hence the door to door thing. It's kind of like the Amway or chain letter of religions. Of course that means, the current people in the religion are getting screwed, because the people up top have to logically get partial credit for recruiting the second wave of recruiters, and so on... The first 10000 (?) in the chain are actually already guaranteed a spot in heaven, because, well, look at how many followers they are indirectly responsible for. What current JHW don't realize is that everyone else is working to improve not their own success, but instead the success of the founders of the religion. If you think about it, by their own beliefs, their acts to prolong the religion will cause themselves to be screwed out of heaven. They are their own worst enemy.

A religion that guarantees me no chance to go on to a better place? Who wouldn't sign up?
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