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Subject: Re: Jehovah's Witnesses Mr. Adams? ( 3 of 31 )
Posted by orcrist

The mugs appear to come round my house on Sunday Mornings when we're at church. Kinda silly if you wan't to convert someone, huh? On the rare occasions that I do have to speak to them, I just do what Binro (and, I might add, Tricia) do, and throw back anything they give me with enough spin on it to confuse the hell out of the and they go away. Alternatively, you could try what one of my anti-religious (note distinction between anti-religious, aetheist and agnostic) friend does - she opens the door clad in a towel, embarrasses them and then says she can't stay and talk as she has to go give blood - a practice despised by jehovahs witnesses.
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