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Subject: Re: Jehovah's Witnesses Mr. Adams? ( 22 of 31 )
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Now it may be a bit hard to explain to you people about the 144000 thing because, well, it's obvious, isn't it, that most of you haven't a brain in your heads. Well, anyway, it isn't a chain letter. And what is the good of spreading untrue rumors about JWs? For instance, has anyone ever had a JW actually ask if you had "found Jesus"? I think not. (but I agree, saying he's been hiding behind the couch all morning and refuses to come out is kind of funny) And when you think about it....persistence is a virtue. It probably just doesn't seem like it to you, for rather obvious reasons. But if you are curious, why don't you talk to one and see? Rumors are often stupid, as I am sure you know. Why help spread lies?
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