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Subject: Re: Love the internet, why? ( 14 of 18 )
Posted by Dr.Smooth

Maybe I went too much into politics this time. Or maybe not. Look, there is a lot of different culture and netiquet on the internet these days, and that is what makes the internet so cool. Just imaging the Internet with only forums about DNA and his works on the internet and nothing else(well, that would not be that bad, but would get boring after 10 or 20 years). I think the reason there is so many people on the Internet today is because there are so many differnet ways to express yourself on the internet and so many differnet groups to express then with. Like this past weekend, for example, this weekend I had some familly troubles (parents: teens, you know what im talking about), anyways, I went in my room and booted up 10six(a game I play), and then proceeded to completely demolish this guy (chosen out of complete randomness) to realse my anger. 3 hours, 2 bases, and about 50 rovers later, was happy again. If that didnt click, ill explain it: i had a place to go that was awya from where I was a t the time, and that place alloud me to do what I needed to get done so that I could get back to reality. basically, to sum everything up in a halfway inteligent sentence(my mispellings have reached limit again); The internet Is a place where people can go to get away from where they are and go to wherever they want to go, whether that be with friends, family, complete strangers, DNA, and so on. ok, bye!

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