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Subject: Re: Love the internet, why? ( 10 of 18 )
Posted by wired

i think kate is making an excellent point about talking to everyone while talking to no-one. this is akin to the idea of " a lonely city"; millions and millions of people, but nobody could give half a handful of shit about most of the people. one has to be someone "important" to be heard among this crowd, with somthing to prove they are worth while, im referring to Kate's idea of only knowing what the person (poster) has posted and the person him/herself is ignored. this can be related to the idea that girls only go after the guys with the best car, its the car that is important not the guy (im straying a bit here, but you get the idea).
i think this a part of the internet that is often ignored and is vitaly important.

although i dont think people will be virtually lighting themselves or others on fire for attention. hopefully.
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