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Subject: Re: Love the internet, why? ( 7 of 18 )
Posted by dr.smooth

In my politics class, about 2 weeks ago my teacher passed out a survey for the class to take. On that survey it asked you to rank what you most Identify yourself with. Pick the top 3 things and then give justifycations for them. Me being agnostic (animal as refured to by some) did not put religion. I identifyed myself with being a student first, and then with being a nationalist (just because I am and that wont change ever) and then I identifyed myself with being a cyber footsoldier(IE: Web head). As most of everyone knows I program web pages and other things. I also beta test internet software/games. Aswell as hold an extensive private life throught the chat rooms. Altogether i spend around 3-5 hours on average a day on the Internet. To me, spending 3-5 hours a day some place means you love it. I asked myself why I spend that much time on the Internet and I came to the conclusion that the Internet is a place where people can go to get away from the world and enter a new one. Anyways, in class discussion, no one could say that they spent more time in church then on the Internet, yet only 1 other person identifyed theirselves with being a web head. right, so now ive been typing for far too long and have reached my misspelling limit. bye!

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