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Subject: Life... ( 1 of 9 )
Posted by Hive

Okay, here I sit, typing away to pass the long, dark, hour of realization. I am 18, and have just moved from my father's house after getting a pretty great job at America Online.
I may have been a bit too hasty. I just worked out my monthly budget and have spent the past half-hour nibbling the skin off my thumb and weeping into the crook of my other arm. I have suddenly been gripped with what can only be called "womb anxiety," a deep, penetrating fear of failure and ruin in the big, bad, nasty (and expensive) world.
I need some perspective, here. Any horror stories from any of you about the days when you first struck out on your own. Horror stories? Stories of triumph? Stories of simple routine or lewd sexual deviance? I'm up for anything at this point. This is the only place I ever post, so while it may seem strange to post something like this here, it's the only place I could think of. Plus this ought to be an interesting deviation from a theme. to me about life.
Albuquerque, New Mexico


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