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Subject: Re: Life... ( 6 of 9 )
Posted by THE


I am going to be blunt. You are at a very awkward age right now and will stay at said awkward age for several years. You are (rightly) concerned about your finances, but what you must realize is that you are 18 and, much as it sucks, you are going to have to live like a typical (or close to it) 18 year old. Thats a lesson it took me four years and getting engaged to realize, that it will take some time to live like you feel you should.

When I was 18 I moved out from home and went to college. While in college I was in NROTC and wanted to graduate with a degree in computer engineering and then put in my 20 years in the US Navy before retiring in my late 30's.
That didn't pan out- I was in college for a year and a half before I got fed up and dropped out. I ended up getting a job at a computer store, where I worked for little more than peanuts (and not really enough to live off of), until I got a better job offer. I quite my job there, and when I showed up fgor my first day at work at the new place, they said they had changed their minds, than you very much. So I had no job and bills running out the wazoo (similar to a kazoo but without the musical overtones). I had to take the first thing I could find at the first place that would hire me ASAP.
I ended up unloading trucks third shift for three months, making less than my bills, so I had to juggle them all- pay 3 out of 4 one month and then a rotate the next month, so that only one or two bills at a time were actually behind. It was so bad I had to live off of $20 for two weeks (after my bills were paid)- That had to cover gas for my car (thank god I was only 10 miles from work) and food. I ended up getting fed up and quit (with no job to go to), and spent three weeks interviewing with people (with no job). I had to borrow money from my parents to put gas in my car.
I finally got a break and got a job as a computer tech working in a law firm making decent money for my age, but I was so far behind on my bills that it took me months to catch up.
Because of the political situation there, me (and my entire department) quit and found ourselves new jobs. I am now employed as a network technician making four times what I was making a year ago (and am still at the low end of the pay scale here), I am engaged and thinking about buying a house.
The point of all this is that it will take time. I still get depressed when I do the budget- It costs a lot of money to live these days (two may be able to live as cheaply as one, but only for half as long) It is still somewhat of a struggle, and always will be- Life is not handed to you on a silver platter, and life is never anything more than what you make of it.


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